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This policy details how your information is gathered, used, stored, secured, and whether it is shared.

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Privacy policy

This information refers to the CAN Courses site as it relates to registered users.

We are grateful you are here, and engaging with us.  It is important to us that we honor that relationship and what you decide to share with us.

Site Security 

We have secured the site through the company we host with, InMotion Hosting. Their team monitors for abnormal access and will alert us if there are any breaches.  We use more complex passwords, to try and prevent breaches.  Users are manually registered to limit access.  We do regular site and course back-ups.  While these are downloaded to our administrator's computer, they are uploaded to our Google Drive for security. 


Cookies are used to facilitate your experience logging into and using the site.  There may be files placed in your browser that assist with the following:

  • Cookies authenticate users and prevent fraudulent access to accounts.
  • Tracking site navigation allows our teachers to monitor if class content is being accessed by students confirming progression or alerting them to any need for adjustments to better the student experience.
  • Cookies are also responsible for customizing your experience by acknowledging your return and saving your site settings.

You can check with your browser help pages regarding deletion or refusal.  This may affect your experience on the site.

Your Information

You have been added to this site as a result of an accepted offer to join either a Centre for Applied Neuroscience (CAN) program/course or a partnering associate (i.e., Bethany Perry's Life Coach Training program).  As a result of previous communication(s), we have manually entered you as a user with basic profile name, email, and temporary password information (you will be prompted to choose your own secure password upon initial login), and enrolled in your chosen program/course.

Your teacher(s), fellow classmates, and site managers will have access to whatever you decide to share on your profile, and post in class activities like forums, or wikis.  Any assignment submissions, activity logs, grades, and teacher feedback are restricted to you, the teachers, and site managers.

We do not share your information with any outside parties with two exceptions.  We do create a student mailing list with MailChimp (their privacy policy) in order to communicate course-related announcements and follow-up support and resources.  We also store our site and course backups on the CAN Google Drive (their terms of service and privacy policy).

Access And Requests

You will continue to have access to this and all policy information through your profile page.  You will also be able to contact your Data Protection Officer or request a copy or deletion of your information.

Data Protection Officer: Dr Amanda Wintink PhD/


These are the terms and conditions you are required to review, accept, and adhere to in order to access the CAN Courses site.

Full policy

By agreeing to the CAN Courses site policy, you acknowledge that you understand and agree with the following terms and conditions.


The CAN Courses site is a learning site created and managed by The Centre For Applied Neuroscience (CAN).  Its purpose is to facilitate educational programming offered by The Centre For Applied Neuroscience and its associates.  It is the platform through which we deliver carefully researched, and curated learning material, but it is also where we will continue to support you throughout your journey, and we hope you will support each other as well. 

In order to maintain your access you will need to comply with the following conditions and rules of conduct.


The educational programming offered by The Centre For Applied Neuroscience (CAN) and its associates includes but is not limited to Life Coaching Certification, Micro Degrees, and Wellness and Lifestyle classes.  The website was created to consolidate resources, activities, and interactions to reduce learning friction and enhance the student experience.  Secondly, the site allows us to offer students better understanding of learning objectives through competencies (still a work in progress), better access to teaching staff and fellow students, more accountability, and further learning through feedback.

A lot of the learning done through our programs require self-study, reflection, curiosity, and openness.  We hope that you remain open to the learning experience and engage fully to get the most out of your program.  We require that you conduct yourself in a compassionate, understanding, and inclusionary way.  While differing opinions exist, and we welcome open discussion, this is to be a safe space for all.  Any actions to the contrary will be dealt with swiftly.  If you have a concern, please contact your teacher immediately.  You can use the participants tab to navigate to your teacher's profile/contact info.  You may also contact the site administrator Dr Amanda Wintink PhD/

Users: Current Students, Alumni, and CAN staff

If you are not a registered user, you will only be able to see the list of courses and general site information.  Any further access is granted to current students, alumni, and staff only!  This access is granted manually.  No self-registration is currently being accepted.

  1. A current student is a user who has gone through the full registration process with either CAN or one of its associates, and is in a currently running program.
  2. An alumni is a user who has taken a previous CAN course and has been granted access to community course(s) for continued resources and support.
  3. CAN staff are the team members that contribute to the mission of this site.  For our team directory click here.
  4. All users are manually added to the site and given access specific to their role.
  5. Current students and alumni are enrolled in the courses they specifically registered for.  In order to maintain access, they must: 
    1. be in good financial standing (paid for their program/course either in full or on schedule with their payment plan).
    2. be a positive contributing member of their program/course (no discrimination or otherwise toxic content will be tolerated).

Content and Activities

Students may engage in different activities through their course(s) to facilitate the concepts we are trying to teach.  All content on the website is either learning material, or inspiration and resources to help our alumni continue their personal and professional pursuits.

  1. The website was developed by The Centre For Applied Neuroscience (CAN) using the Moodle framework (which is open source).  The program/course themes and structure are developed by the CAN team and the property of CAN.  The content is in part CAN's and in part researched and curated by our team and thus belong to either CAN or the sourced creators.  Where other creators are used, we link to their originating source.  We ask that if you share material in your course(s) you extend the same courtesy to the source you are sharing.
  2. We will eventually be applying our branding to the site and that is/will be the property of CAN.  That being said, if you are a Certified CAN Coach (completed the Life Coach Training and CIT programs), you will have access to branding docs in the Alumni Course.  We approve the use of CAN branding for Certified CAN Coaches for the purposes of stating your affiliation with our training and community.
  3. Confidentially is of the utmost importance whether shared verbally in class, or written on the site.  All users must respect each other's privacy and keep all information in the space in which it was shared. That being said, if one of our teacher's fears a student will either harm themselves or someone else, they have a responsibility to act.  While the need to report is unlikely, exploring one's self can bring up difficult emotions.
  4. Students have access to forums within their course(s) and have the freedom to post their own thoughts and beliefs.  We encourage this, and have, in the case of our Life Coaching Certification, carefully consider all applicants before acceptance.  There is limited risk that inappropriate content is shared, and since we do not have access to posts before they go live, removal may not be immediate.  Rest assured, it will be dealt with upon discovery.  Should you have a concern, please contact your teacher (you can use the participants tab to find your teacher) or the site administrator (

You agree that:

  1. You are responsible for any content you decide to share
  2. You will bring openness and compassion to your interactions and refrain from any shaming, or harassing content.  This is an inclusive, safe space.
  3. The content you publish will not promote violence, or any discrimination (including race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age).
  4. If the content you are sharing is not yours, you agree to site your reference and/or link to the creator(s).
  5. Please respect all users and acquire explicit permission before using the site or emails for self or third-party promotions. 
  6. Should you have a questions or concern please contact the appropriate CAN team member via email.  You can find our up-to-date team directory here.


  1. There is also a Privacy Policy to explain what information we gather from you, who has access, how it is used, what security is in place as well as how to request a copy or deletion of your information.  By accepting the Privacy Policy, you are stating that you have read and understand the policy.

Site policy violations

  1. If you witness any violations of site policies please contact your teacher (available through the participants tab) or site administrator (
  2. Any content in violation of our policies may be deleted at the discretion of your teacher or the site administrator.
  3. If you are found in violation of any policies, we will contact you and your access may be revoked.


You may not have violated any policies, but simply decided to no longer pursuit a learning experience with us.  If this is the case, we will revoke your access, and wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do next.

Contacting us

Concerns regarding the Site Policies can be addressed to the site administrator Dr Amanda Wintink PhD/

Access to policies

You will continue to have access to the policies information after consent.  You can find the information linked on your profile page.