All Life Coaching Certification modules/courses specific to the Online cohort certification for 2024.

This module is devoted to a deeper study of mindfulness with respect to both the practice of and the philosophy of. A daily practice will be started, which should last for the duration of this module (4+ weeks). To complement the practice, a review of the science of meditation and mindfulness will be done along with discussions and teachings regarding the philosophical side of mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness will also be discussed in the context of mental health and intuition and in particular, how mindfulness can be used as a life coaching tool that addresses both of those common needs. 

This module is about getting things done through goal setting, visioning, and pursuing passion projects. 

The power of the mind module is about creating a deeper understanding of the psychological and neurological forces that hold us back, consciously or unconsciously, and how to leverage the mind and brain to propel us higher and further. This module is an opportunity to go deeper into our belief systems, how to change our minds, and the mind-body connection. 

This is the first module in the Life Coaching Certification designed to give students an understanding of what life coaching is and a foundation to starting their journey.

This module serves as foundational knowledge in neuroscience so that students can later learn how to consider neuroscience in reference to behaviour, emotions, experiences, etc.

The “self” is the root of personal development and a vital topic for life coaching. The module us about asking deep and provocative questions about who we are from several perspectives, including a genetic (nature) perspective and an environmental (nurture) perspective. The goal here is to work with self-care right up to self-actualization, where we really learn how to focus and build on our strengths and also to strive to become the best version of ourselves that we can.